Ether (feat The Incredible Tall)

by Okami



Vortexes, Whirlwinds n' Hurricanes
Breakin' Barriers n' Barricades
Okami and Tall to da T
Incredible, Pas Gentil

Dream of, but neva dig ya way out
cardboard and Crayon, still strange Sound
Tartarus waitin, end of the Tunnel is dark
Scratch ya fckn' Eyes out and bury ya Hearts

Money in the Ceiling, no need for Concilyeahrie
Clikk Clakk, Droppin' Lines, fuckin' Fairies
Backroom Casting Couch, Wink of Hell
Holdin' the Cam, Ether Pan fucks Tinkerbell

Pure Malice, fckn Truth bout Alice
Pale Skin, Red Hair #WhiteRabbits
Solvent smelling, Aftertaste a lil bitter
No Regrets for Snowwhite on a Mirror


released January 1, 2015
produced by Okami
Lyrics by The Incredible Tall

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