Golem (Äther Pan Remix)

by The Incredible Tall



Incredible 4 whut, fuckn' Satans Daughter
Seul contre tous, or sum sort of
Kismet U pull ya Gun n' ya Knife out
I pull 2 Turntables and a Mic out
Ya gettin' older Moves gettin' slower
Ya suck dick for a like n' a Follower
Consumin' the more Elbow-Room n'
Fuck ya fuckin' Facts I'm not even human
Truth out, Copperfield Dissappearance
Cleanin' out the last bit of the Clearence
No Wonderland, Society equals Menace
Fuck the N-Word, still fuckin' sluts in Paris
You tiptoe, n' I float down
Stop dat prayin', I knocked that fuckin Goat down
Thank You Melfi, 4 all that Prozac
Ya know whut I mean, ya summoned the Golem


released July 4, 2014
Beat by Äther Pan
Cover by Tigerforce3000
Lyrics by The Incredible Tall



all rights reserved