No Wings (Drumboy Mix)

by The Incredible Tall



Regenerator Overdose Hell , the King of
Gimme a Knive to cut these fuckin Wings of
From Outta the Rim straight into the Orbit
Blood-Red, Coke White, n' we color it

Meeting of the Minds, meet Me at the Gate
Stop talking Bullshit allday, We got it made
Explainin' wit letters, better the lesser
Pandoras open Box, Giiiiger and Escher

Anger Management, I paint em all red
Bareknuckle Fistfight, I'll sleep when em all dead
Satans ma Father dat fuckin' Gambler
The Perspective, noone may surrender

Lootin' Levelin' Earnin' and Gainin'
burn ya house to da ground nuff ya savin'
Insane and Mingling and Mayhem
U can't reflect, Me neither, jus portraiin'

All Hell broke loose, I'm not even scared of
It rains blood and nobodys aware of
Thought we're lost, Mentally Disordered
The One and only Backup on a Tape Recorder


released June 5, 2015
Cover by Hellbrecht
Production by Okami
Vocal Mixing by Drumboy



all rights reserved