Radio Loud (feat The Incredible Tall) (prod. by Weed Konducta & Letter D)

by Remo Virogha



Remo Virogha:

todos resultaron ser el número uno
pero como caliornian weed me los desayuno
dentro de un blunt o directo de la pipa
a mi me ruge el corazón baby y no la tripa

flipan cuando me ven en directo
tan pefecto como todos mis defectos
en-- efecto no es cuestión de intelecto
cualquierIDIOTA puede ser el presidente electo

recto directo a la cabeza
beats CUBIERTOS DE frecuencias obesas
el humo que me trago medesestresa
rimas ESPESAS que caen pesado como hamburguesa

que estás esperando mami
me sobra el flow Y ME SOBRA EL money...
honny bunny tomalo TAKE IT easy
la vidaSE BEBE simple como un VIAJE en bici

The Incredible Tall:

U only thankful fo that bitch called cash,
Nevertheless, Demons, wit which u mess
Should feelin Blessed, acid obsessed
Incredible Tall n' Remo Virogha on Trax

Blood Tears n Sweat, You know whut I mean
Exquisit, wait in Hell fo the Rest of ya team
Fresh Breeze lettin' Gutter rise
These Hookers wit no goals 2 achieve
why ya cookin? Know ya neva be chief...
Gatekeeper, same fuckin' procedure
Allday bare-knuckle Cult Leader
Spare out ya story, Switch to the ending
Ya fuckin Family still lightin Candles
U Want Suspense but stay defenseless
We came to bury U alive, n' end this
No Clowning, Darkness suroundin'
People buildin Tall Statues on Mountains
No Kevlar Vests no fuckin' Armor
The Villain wit a golden Heart #Heartcore

Bars, Beats, Patterns #Bizness
I merry this Slut, called Mary-J this Christmas
Carrol told Me what Alice really says
Coke, Mary, Shrooms, L-S-Days


released October 31, 2014
produced by Weed Konducta & Letter D
Lyrics by Remo Virogha & The Incredible Tall
Artwork by M.O.M.



all rights reserved